Special Rules

For this Star Wars game, you need a handful of additional concepts to do things just right.

Droid Characters

How to play a Droid in a galaxy far, far away…

Stats for a Droid are essentially the same, as all of their attributes are similar enough to any organic beings. The only major difference being how they sustain their form.

Elements of a Droid
Power Core This Stat (from 1-5) represents how powerful the Droid's inner power source is.
Power Converter This Stat (from 1-10) measures how much of the Droid's Power Core is being siphoned into it's various forms of hardware.
Active Systems This Stat (from 1-5) represents which Software Programs are currently running.

The Power Core is rolled to refresh the Power Converter.
The Power Converter represents 1-10 points that can be distributed or 'burned up' like a fuel to run different Software and Hardware.

Active Systems represents how many Software Programs can run at once. Each Software package grants some kind of bonus to the Droid when it is active.

Hardware is any other device that might plug into the Droid's main power supply in order to operate.


"Red five, standing by."

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